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If your thermostat is digital, change the batteries & check the thermostat programming.

Make sure your furnace switch is on.

Call ATCO Gas: 1 800 511 3447

ATCO Gas does free inspections 24/7. If there is a charge for a part, submit your receipt and you will be reimbursed.

Text a photo of the technician’s report to: (403) 635-2117

Please contact the appropriate municipal number below.

City of Lethbridge | 403.320.3850

Town of Coaldale | 403.345.1350

Town of Picture Butte | 403.732.4555

Town of Taber | 403.634.8668

Town of Vauxhall | 403.654.2174

Village of Nobleford | 403.824.3555

If the hot water is too hot or too cold, adjust the thermostat on the hot water tank.


If the hot water tank is leaking from the bottom, or the pressure relief valve on the side near the top- turn off the valve above the tank on the water line. This will stop new water from entering the tank.

Once the water supply valve is off, if the tank is leaking from the bottom – it will continue to leak until it is empty of water. If this is the case, turn the thermostat off.

If you have trouble turning off the supply valve, or cannot find it – turn off the water to the house. This valve should be near the water meter

Is your toilet plugged? Use an accordion plunger or plumbing snake to clear the toilet.

Is your drain slow or clogged? Use an over the counter drain cleaner to clear grease, food and hair.

Is your toilet running non-stop, or overfilling? Turn the valve off to the water supply line.

Is your flush handle not working? Lift the tank lid & lift the chain or flapper arm manually.

Water won’t fill the toilet bowl? Add water to the bowl manually.


If your fridge has no power, make sure the plug is secure in the outlet. Fully reset the fridge breaker. If the freezer is working but the fridge is warm, make sure the temperature dials in both fridge and freezer are set correctly.

If the freezer is working, but the fridge is warm and all of the temperature dials are set correctly, make sure the fan housing in the freezer is not blocked. It is the fan in the freezer which pulls cold air into the fridge.If the housing is blocked, the fridge will warm up.

If water is leaking onto the floor, check the condensation tray at the bottom of the fridge behind the vent, it may be tipped. If water is leaking into the fridge, manually defrost the fridge. Most likely, the drip tube is iced up.



If your stove has no power, make sure the plug is secure in the outlet. Fully reset the stove breaker. If the stove top works but the oven does not, check that the timed bake feature is not on, and make sure that the oven dial is set to manual.

If parts of the stove are not working, a fuse could be blown. A blown fuse requires replacing. If a stove top burner or an oven element is not heating, it may need replacing. Most fuses, burners and elements can be purchased at a hardware store. Submit your receipt to be reimbursed for the part.



If your dishwasher has no power, reset the dishwasher breaker.

If the dishwasher leaks, add 4L of water to the bottom of the dishwasher and let sit overnight. This will determine if the leak is from the door seal [occurs only while machine is running] or from the drain seal.

If your dishwasher is not draining, clean the filters located at the bottom of the machine. Filters should be cleaned, and a dishwasher cleaning agent run through the machine once a month.



If your washer has no power, make sure the plug is secure in the outlet, fully reset the washer breaker.

If the washer is not spinning, adjust the load balance. If the washer is not draining, move the dial manually to the drain cycle. Try running the washer without clothes- does the problem persist?

If there is water on the floor, check that the drain hose is securely in place and that the taps are not leaking. Water & soap coming up from the floor drain is common.



If your dryer has no power, make sure the plug is secure in the outlet, Fully reset the dryer breaker.

If the dryer takes a long time to dry, make sure the lint screen is cleaned after each use. Check that the lint vent outside is not plugged by lint buildup or a bird’s nest. If the dryer takes a long time to dry, fully reset the dryer breaker.

If after trouble shooting, help is still required contact us for more information.

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